HIGH ALTITUDE WOMAN: From Extreme Sports to Indigenous Cultures Discovering the Power of the Feminine

Jan's newest book HIGH ALTITUDE WOMAN, is getting wonderful reviews! This book for adults is about men and women, and their differnces, as seen through the eyes of her great adventures.

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ONLY THE MOUNTAIN DO NOT MOVE: A Story of Maasai Culture and Conservation

Award winning author Jan Reynolds presents a striking glimpse of these dynamic people, the Maasai of East Africa. This books shows the Maasai tribe's remarkable ability to forge a delicate balance between the richness of the past, and the needs of the future.

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CYCLE OF RICE-CYCLE OF LIFE: A Story of Sustainable Farming

With captivating text and lush photographs, Jan Reynolds explores the traditional world of 1000 year old, sustainable rice farming on the beautiful island of Bali. Readers of all ages will come away with an enhanced awareness of how we eat and live today, and the effects these practices will have on tomorrow.

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CELEBRATE: Connections Among Cultures

With striking photographs and engaging text, photojournalist Jan Reynolds presents a refreshing look at the similarities among cultural traditions around the world. Reading this book, it is easy to see, that we are one human family, celebrating life, all around the world!

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HIMALAYA: Vanishing Cultures

Jan Reynolds' book documents as the Tibetans traverse the highest mountain range on earth to trade salt, tea, and other goods in Nepal, the home of the Sherpas.

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SAHARA: Vanishing Cultures

Jan Reynolds follows a nomadic Tuareg family as it caravans across the world's largest desert to trade and to attend the celebration of the camel races.

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DOWN UNDER: Vanishing Cultures

The aboriginal Tiwi people go on walkabout, dance their Dreamings, and carve spirit poles to honor their dead in this book about life on Bathurst Island, off the north coast of Australia.

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AMAZON BASIN: Vanishing Cultures

Follow Jan Reynolds on a visit with the Yanomama in the heart of the Amazon jungle. This book includes powerful images of rarely photographed tribal rites .

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FROZEN LAND: Vanishing Cultures

Jan Reynolds participates as an Innuit family thrives on the desolate shores of Quamanituaq in Canada, hunting Caribou, building igloos, and performing traditional music in this book.

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MONGOLIA: Vanishing Cultures

Jan Reynolds lives with a family of Mongolian herders. Through her beautiful photographs and simple narrative, she invites readers to share a glimpse of daily life among these fascinating people.

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FAR NORTH: Vanishing Cultures

Above the Arctic Circle, the Sami people follow the reindeer migration from tundra grazing lands in winter to high mountain pastures in summer.

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MOTHER AND CHILD: Connections Among Cultures

Experience with Jan Reynolds the similarities of mothers, worldwide, as she travels the continents to share in the lives of the women of indigenous peoples and brings them all to you in this new book.

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"Climbing Everest has almost become commonplace, but circumnavigating the mountain remains a unique achievement.... Jan Reynolds, in doing this ski with a bold winter ascent of Pumori thrown in, has achieved a varied adventure tinged with humor and narrow escapes. This book tells entertainingly of an Everest story with a real difference." Sir Chris Bonnington

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Cross the highest Himalayan peaks, meet the Sherpa and the Tibetans, and travel an ancient salt trade route in this documentary video by Jan Reynolds'. Download free teachers guide created with National Geographic, including all national standards for Geography.

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