When working with Jan Reynolds book series Vanishing Cultures, or before she visits your school to give you her show, here are a few suggestions for getting to know where in the world you will travel and what kinds of things you will explore.

Before Jan Visits-some student preparation ideas- download Research Techniques with the Vanishing Cultures book series

  • Here's how one librarian shared my book series with her students. She posed these questions.

    -Using the map inside your book, on what continent is your topic located?
    -Read the introduction. In the first sentence of the introduction, you will find the name of the group of people of this vanishing culture. What is the name of this group?
    -Although the people of this culture may appear different from us, what do we share with them?
    -Do we lose a part of ourselves if this culture disappears?
    -What reason does the author give for this culture disappearing?
    -After the introduction read the first 4 pages, and tell what is happening.
    -List the activities that take place the next day.
    -Skim the last section of the book called, "About this book", and write down one interesting fact from the author's description of living with
    these people.
    -What is the title of this book?
    -What is the subtitle?
    -Who is the author?
    -Who is the illustrator? (You might need to look on the title page or the back of the title page for this answer.)
    -What does the word "Vanishing" mean? Use dictionary.
    -What does the word "Culture" mean? Use dictionary.

If you have Jan Reynolds' video, Cultural Adventure or are ordering one to follow up her school visit, download this free teaching guide for parents, homeschoolers and teachers, and learn how to apply the geography standards set by the National Council for Geographic Education to the video. There are plenty of activities and excersizes described for you to make the most of the Adventure Jan will take you on as you cross over the Himalaya.

Download the Himalayan Video Activity Guide



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